Friday, 18 May 2012

Usage of Mirrors at HOME

Usage of Mirrors at HOME

Mirrors are used in Interior designing at HOME  to create an illusion of more space in a room  

According to Vaastu, mirrors when used have to be positioned correctly,else they stop  the flow of positive energy, if wrongly used may deviate or destroy positive energy. 

The following points must be kept in mind while selecting the Positions 

Never Place a mirror in the Bed room in front of Bed , or back side of Bed. Image should not appear while sleeping,  as it increases the stress, and also effects the relationship between Wife and  Husband 

It is preferred  to place mirror in the attached bathroom.  If you anyway insist to have a mirror in the bedroom, place a  free standing large mirror that can be kept away from the bed when you go to sleep. 

Do not place mirrors opposite to each other in a room

Normal mirrors are preferred to magnifying mirrors.

Large mirror can be placed in front of Dining table. 

Having a wall to wall mirror in the dining roomwill not only reflect the food on the table,m representing that you will always have plenty to eat, but it can also reflect the good relationships between all who eat there.

Mirrors should not be placed towards the North or East Direction, as these are the directions from which positve energy enters the premises.

Damaged or broken mirrors should not be used as they disperse positive energy into different angles 

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