Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Plant Labels - Make at Home

Plant Labels - as the name indicates they are the labels by which we can identify the Plants or the seeds which are sown . They are usually made of  Plastic, wood, or metal stakes 

For the plants the minimum information required on the Plant labels  are the name of the collector, the location collected, the date collected, and hopefully, the correct identification of the specimen.

How to use the Plant Labels :

Plant tags, or garden markers, can be both useful and stylish. They refer different gardeners or different parts of the garden. They can be plain or fancy.

Plant information is engraved on them using permanent or special tool so the markings will not wash off.

To use a plant tag for new crops, write the name of the plant on the tag and, if there is place on the tag , the date the seeds were planted. Place the tag at the end of the row facing the most commonly used entry to the garden so the tags are easy to spot. Consider using inexpensive or easy homemade tags for this type of identification.

How to Make Plant tags at your home :

Clay: You require polymer clay, armature wire, stamps (to press into the clay for the herb names) and acrylic paint for the lettering.

Vinyl Blind Slats: Just label the plant name onto the slats with permanent marker and they’re good.

Labeled Stones: Find flat, smooth stones, and label each one with the name of a plant using alphabet stamps or  dye-based (permanent) ink.

Wine Corks: A hole is drilled into the bottom of a cork and then a bamboo skewer inserted. Write the plant name on the cork with a permanent marker.

Recycled Plastic: Tags are made with strips cut from plastic lids  then marked.


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