Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Difference between HOME and HOUSE

What is the difference between     

               “HOUSE” and “HOME”  ?

"HOUSE" refers to a physical structure while "HOME" refers to the emotional place that is created inside a house with your family.

“HOME” where people live permanently and the “HOUSE” where people live for few days not live permanently, other wise  known as “Guest House”

A home is not just a house to live. It is an extension of our mental space and a reflection of our personality.

Just as our aesthetic taste influences its design, decor and maintenance, similarly it too influences our moods, thoughts, bio-energy, behaviour, personal and social life, recognition, professional success; in fact, each part of our life is deeply intertwined with our home.

A lot of meticulous designing, planning and execution goes into building a home and decorating it. If the home is designed following Vastu rules and guidelines, then it will resonate with positive energy and vibrations and its occupants will be healthy, wealthy and successful.
Briefly speaking, the process of building a HOME follows a fixed pattern of events.

  • A land is identified as per Vastu guidelines for building the home. 
  • The home design is prepared by the Vastu architect in consultation with the home owner.
  • At an appropriate Muhurat the building activity commences. Commencement of the building activity itself is a ritual which involves invoking the Spirit of the Land and the Sentinels of the Directions and making certain offerings to them. 
  • Vastu scriptures have detailed guidelines to direct the process of construction for homes, temples, public buildings etc. 
  • Once the construction is finished and home is ready for occupation, on a suitable day the home owner and his family conduct a ceremony in the new home to consecrate the home and move in. This is a detailed ritual and a lot of importance is attached to it. The building is decorated, lamps are lit, and a celebration follows.


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