Sunday, 17 June 2012

Design your Balcony

                                              Storage Shelf in Balcony

                                 Now a days 80 percent of the city population lives in Apartments . They keep their Home very neat and clean and well designed  in consultation with Interior designers . The Balcony is the place where we get plenty of Fresh air, Sun rays and Nature to see .  

              But People tend to keep all the items such as Mops, Brooms , Soaps, Acid bottles, and also unused articles making it very disturbing to stay in balcony for at least a minute. So one good remedy what I suggest is to throwaway the unused items in the garbage and keep a Small storage shelf in the corner of the Balcony , where we have to keep all the above mentioned items. 
                                                                 Furniture in Balcony
Now you have plenty of space to even keep chairs to sit and enjoy with your Family and friends.                                     How do you feel now ?


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