Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fluorescent Paints

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Fluorescent Paint also known as luminescent  paint reacts with Ultra violet Radiation ( UV ) commonly known as black light

.There are two types  of fluorescent paints , they are  visible and invisible. 

Visible fluorescent paint can appear any bright color under white light, and glows brilliantly under black light. 

Invisible fluorescent paint appears white or clear under white light, but glows a particular color—depending on the pigment used—under black light.

This type of paint has been used to mark escape paths in aircraft and for decorative use, such as "stars" applied to walls and ceilings. It is also increasingly used as an alternative to radioluminescent paint.

Applications of Fluorescent  Paint in Interior Designing

The development of this trend in contemporary interior design is caused by man's striving to extend daylight hours.

The Colorful paint that glows in the dark , combined with dark colors create a beautiful artistic effect, opening up an unlimited field of activity for artists and designers working in the style of fluorescent painting .

You can apply this paint on your favorite vase, on a wall  and your room will be transformed.
Application of these materials which have fluorescence effect are very diverse:Architectural and landscape design, Interior Design, 


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