Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wall Colors in Interior Designing

When it comes to the Interior Designing of a Home whether a NEWLY constructed or REMODELED Home, the following tips are to be kept in mind


Neutral paint colors for living room are always calm and elegant, so white, cream, Light Brown and Grey  is a classic option for a living room that has to please everyone.


For a  Bed Room, Always use Cool Colors to the walls Selecting cool colors such as green, blue or Purple can create peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom. These colors can induce calm  and peace within you. So, if you want good mood ,deep and  restful sleep, selecting cool colors for your bedroom can be a good option.


When it Comes to Kitchen , you have to choose white  color 

for the Cabinets, and a Rich GREEN color for the walls as it 

looks Cool and nature like 


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